congregational care

Congregational Care Ministries provides care, concern, prayer and support for families and individuals at various stages, places and circumstances of life and engages the congregation in service and community for one another. The focus of the Congregational Care Team is to respond to the care and support needs of the congregation and to engage in the ongoing spiritual, physical, emotional and relational expression of living faithfully within the Body of Christ. Every Christian is gifted and called by God to be in ministry. There is a place for you!

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2

care teams

Read about the different Congregational Care Teams below and register to serve.

  • card care ministry

    The Card Care Team communicates care and concern through our greeting card ministry to church members and family members of church members during times of illness, hospitalization, death of loved ones, or other times of crisis and difficulties. Cards also are sent to celebrate births, baptisms, new church members, confirmations, graduations, birthdays of church members ages 85+, and other joyful occasions in the lives of church members. Additionally, greeting cards are sent each month to our church members living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to let them know that they are thought of with love and concern. Each Card Care team members sends approximately 4-6 cards each month. The monthly Card Care list and greeting cards are available for pickup on the second Sunday of each month at the Volunteer Receptionist’s desk in the church office. Cards and postage are provided.

  • soup sisters/broth brothers frozen food ministry

    The Soup Sisters/ Broth Brothers frozen food ministry launched in April 2015. This group of men and women prepare and deliver homemade soup, cornbread, and desserts to members of our church family during times of acute need such as hospitalizations, illnesses, death of a family member, or other times of need. The group occasionally meets together for a “cooking event” during which time they prepare larger quantities of items to be placed in the Soup Sister freezer. Group members also prepare food items at their homes when unable to participate in the group cooking events. Fellowship with other members of the group, fellowship with the recipients of the meals, and fellowship with God as they walk in God’s light being the hands and feet of Jesus in this world are the benefits of participation in this ministry. If you want more information about the roles and responsibilities of volunteering for this ministry, contact Jackie.

  • valet parking ministry

    Every Sunday, several faithful men volunteer to assist individuals by parking their cars. Rain, sleet, snow, or extreme heat does not deter these guys from helping out our members who have “parking problems”. Individuals who have had surgery and for whom “getting around” isn’t easy, older church members who can’t walk across the streets near church, individuals requiring wheelchairs or walkers, and mothers with young children are able to come to worship on Sunday mornings, because they are able to safely enter church without the worries of parking their car and having to walk to the building. Valet parkers must be 21 years old with a current driver’s license and a safe driving record. Volunteers must be physically able to assist adult individuals in and out of cars and in and out of church. A good deal of walking and standing is required. A big smile and a servant’s are required. Volunteers are assigned to one shift every eight weeks on Sunday mornings. There are two shifts each Sunday - 8-10 a.m. and 10-12 noon. Valet parking is located outside the front doors/entrance to the Great Hall under the drive-through.

  • altar flower ministry

    Floral arrangements are made using Alter flowers from Sunday services and taken to church members in the hospital, to church members in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, or to other church members who have long-term or acute care needs. The floral arrangements are designed and delivered on Mondays. The church Craft Room is the location of floral arranging materials such as vases. The ability to transport the floral arrangements is essential.

  • Funeral/memorial service ministry

    Funeral/Memorial Service Ministry is an opportunity to serve your church family and to answer Jesus’ call to “comfort those who mourn”. These volunteers usher at funerals and memorial services or help host luncheons for family members or receptions/visitations. These volunteers are scheduled on an “as-need” basis.

    Funeral Planning

    The Christian funeral is a worship service in which God's people witness to their faith in the hope of the Gospel, the communion of saints, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. Because it is difficult when you are under emotional stress to plan wisely, we encourage members to discuss and plan their arrangements in advance. When you review the guide and complete the accompanying form below, you will record your wishes for who you want to officiate, what scripture verses you want included, what music or soloists you want and how you want memorial gifts to the church received.  

    Funeral Form

  • nursing home/assisted living visitation

    Volunteers spend one hour each month with church members who live in local nursing homes or assisted living facilities. These volunteers make long-lasting memories with aging members of our congregation who are no longer able to attend church on a regular basis and help them stay connected to the church they love so much. Each volunteer is assigned to one or two specific individuals. After visiting each month, each volunteer informs the church of any changes or updates regarding the individual. The ability to travel to the assigned facility and the desire to develop a relationship with one of these wonderful church members is necessary.

    Please email Jackie if you are interested.

  • hospital goodie bag ministry

    Members of the church who are in the hospital are given a “goodie bag” which includes snacks, puzzle books, notepads, pens, and other items that might be helpful to the patient and his/her family members. The “goodie bags” also contain quarters and dollar bills for parking fees. Quarters (we take dollar bills too) for our hospital parking expense ministry are collected on the 5th Sunday of each month.

  • nursing home communion ministry

    Each month, one of our pastors offers communion after a short devotional at two of our local nursing homes/retirement home communities. During the seasons of Lent and Advent, devotions, music, and communion are offered.

    Brookdale Place– 2nd Tuesdays of each month at 2:00 p.m.


    Grief Share is a support group for people grieving the death of a family member, loved one or friend. Your bereavement experience may be recent or not so recent. You will find encouragement, comfort, and help in the grieving process. No matter what the cause of your loved one’s death, this is an opportunity to be around people who understand what you are feeling. You will learn how to recognize the symptoms of being stuck in grief and that you do not need to live in bondage as a slave to certain emotions. You will learn valuable information about facing your new normal in life and renewing your hope for the future. Contact Jackie Greene for more information.