Wednesday Nights alive!

Prayer with Rev. Randy Allen // Sanctuary

Our lives are hectic. We seek a time to slow down and commune with God. We know that prayer helps us grow in Christ and shrinks the barriers separating us from the Holy and Divine. Each week we will briefly discuss Biblical principles of prayer and then we will enter into sacred conversation with God, together.

Singles Together // Parker Fireside Room

Ongoing group of like-minded singles that are looking for community, learning and socialization in a clean and healthy environment. Whether you are never married, divorced or widowed, Singles Together is for you. Break the routine of "work, tv, sleep and repeat." Join us and network with a great group of singles.

Disciple Fast Track with Rev. Sandy Felkins // Stabler Conference Room

This class gives an overview of the entire Bible. This is a 24 week course that starts in September.

Men's Group with Mike Greene // Room 204

The group will have on-going bible studies and group discussions on various topics throughout the year, along with activities and projects.